Following the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1974, pro-lifers have gathered in Washington D.C. every year to march on behalf of all the unborn. Participant numbers have increased at a staggering rate; last year there were hundreds of thousands in attendance at our nation’s capital! This Generation Life pilgrimage from St. Louis, MO to Washington D.C. has also seen its fair share of growth over the years and we are fortunate to have 725 8th graders and 1,725 high school students in attendance this year. So, as I watched these teens file in today I wondered: why did they decide to come?

This is Abbie Paterson’s first time attending the March for Life and she decided to attend because she “heard that it changes people’s lives.”

Here are some other awesome comments from teens who are here:

“I am passionate about the pro-life movement and I wanted show my opinion and make my voice heard in the most direct way. I look forward to coming each year and I like to be able to share my experience with others when I get back home.” – Colleen Faucher

“I keep coming back every year because the March for Life is a really powerful experience for me.” – Alex Cosmano

Nick Winter believes that his presence in D.C. at the March for Life is “the best way to speak up for the lives of the unborn.”

Dave Pini, parent of St. Joseph Cottleville teen, shared that he “attended the March for Life in 8th grade” and thinks that “it is important for his son to be a part of it as well, as it is a really good experience for all.”

Ascension chaperone, Katy Buback, expressed how “having 4 kids really made [me] pro-life.” She is “happy to help and enjoys seeing the joy and hope in these young people.” Katy hopes that her presence at the March for Life will “help us get back to the day when abortion is unthinkable.”