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Out of Darkness, Light

One of the most beautiful sights during Holy Week is at the Easter Vigil Mass. After the Easter fire is blessed, the Paschal candle is lit and brought into the…

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Serving Others in Lent: The Power of Showing Up

I get to experience this Lent through the eyes of a new convert to the faith. Two of my friends, Riley and Nathan, are getting baptized at the Easter Vigil.…

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Get Involved: Be a Respect Life Intern

For those living in St. Louis, working as a Respect Life Intern is a fantastic way to serve the pro-life movement.  It is a practical way to serve a movement…

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How Should Pro-Lifers Respond to the Refugee Ban?

Last week President Trump announced a refugee ban in the United States. If we are in fact going to live up to our claim to be “the Pro-Life Generation” we have…

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We Came. We Marched. Now What?

Are you as fired up from the last few days as I am?? The March was amazing. The speakers and programming were powerful. Now comes the hard part: going home…

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Archbishop Carlson’s Homily: Live All the Beatitudes

Archbishop Robert Carlson celebrated Mass at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for the pilgrims before they headed back to St. Louis on Saturday evening. In his homily, Archbishop Carlson…

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Let the Holy Spirit Lead You

A Chance Encounter Have you ever had a moment when you weren’t sure how to answer? The day after the powerful March for Life in D.C., I was standing outside…

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High School Track: Going Beyond Your Conditions

This second night of programming, the high school track focused on how we can go beyond our conditions and not let ourselves be limited by them. The evening focused on a…

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8th Grade Track: How to Help a Friend

As a pro-life generation, we are called to be pro-all life.  Tonight, Paul Masek and Rachel Leininger focused on how we can support the lives of our friends.  We often…

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Fr. Fallon’s Homily: Faith and Love

This morning at the Mass for the 8th graders, Fr. Fallon gave a homily about the importance of both faith and love in attending the March for Life.