Living on a Prayer: The Value of Prayer in a Pro-Life Lifestyle

When one thinks of being pro-life, you usually thinks of activities: participating in the March for Life, protesting outside abortion clinics, etc. For some, these important actions are not possible…

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Being a Pro-Life Feminist

Because of your race, religion, political affiliation, gender and background, people will develop snap judgments about you. It is often unfortunate, but inevitable in current society. Such assumptions about your…

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Pro-Life Heroes: Saint Gianna Molla

“Whatever God wants.” -Saint Gianna Molla If you haven’t heard Gianna’s story yet, she’s definitely worth learning about. Saint Gianna Molla is one of the greatest modern-day saints we have,…

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World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. It’s a day to promote awareness of the needs, challenges and successes of those with Down Syndrome. It is becoming sadly apparent that the greatest…

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Get Involved: Be a Respect Life Intern

For those living in St. Louis, working as a Respect Life Intern is a fantastic way to serve the pro-life movement.  It is a practical way to serve a movement…

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Generation Life 2017 in the News

We were fortunate enough to have a bit of news coverage of the the pilgrimage. All who took part should be proud. Our message is getting out. Here’s a rundown…

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The March: Display of Joy

After spending months preparing to come to D.C, we finally had a chance to get out on the streets of D.C.  The afternoon began with a historic rally before continuing…

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Fr. Fallon’s Homily: Faith and Love

This morning at the Mass for the 8th graders, Fr. Fallon gave a homily about the importance of both faith and love in attending the March for Life.

Why Do You March for Life?

High School Track: Love Radically Like Jesus

Tonight’s programming in the high school track focused on being able to love radically like Jesus. We spent time considering the theme of this pilgrimage, heard from Melissa Ohden, an…

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