Today, my firstborn, beautiful daughter is attending the March for Life in Washington DC where she gets the opportunity to take take a stand for something we always pray for during our family prayer: an end to abortion. As she does this, I hope she remembers all I have tried to teach her~

That this is not about taking sides, not about “us” vs “them”. That there are no enemies here, only people. People who are all made in the image and likeness of God. Only hearts, each one carrying hopes & fears, joy & sorrows, unique talents and gifts that only they can bring to share God’s love with the world in a unique way. That women are born with a feminine genius, innate in each one of us. This includes that we are life givers…..Anything that goes against this goes against everything we were made to be. That a culture of life starts with understanding this and honoring it.

There are so many things that take life rather than give it…gossiping about other women, tearing other women or ourselves down, comparing ourselves to others and letting it steal our joy or stifle our gifts, and yes, abortion.

Women with unwanted pregnancies need support more than anything, and that support needs to be emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual. Sometimes decisions disguised as being made in the name of “freedom” are actually decisions made out of fear, though the enemy is very good at whispering lies that convince us otherwise. People make mistakes and forgiveness is essential. Prayer changes hearts. God’s love never discriminates; it is available to all. God’s love always wins!