Tonight in the 8th grade room, two high school students gave powerful personal testimonies.

Joe Hogan from Immaculate Conception of Dardenne attends St. Dominic High School. He shared with us 2 ways that we can be more pro-life when we go home tomorrow. 1) carry your cross – offer up your sufferings for the unborn and those considering abortion and make little sacrifices throughout the day. When you do that, you will receive grace. 2) get involved – pray outside planned parenthood, join the pro-life club at school, or start one!

Kimora Williams attends Trinity High School, she shared with us that her mom had her at a young age and has sacrificed a lot for her to be here. Kimora cares so much for those in the womb that have no voice, and she encouraged us to continue being a voice for the voiceless.