Pete Buncher is a 36 year old human boy who has worked in youth ministry within the Archdiocese of St. Louis for many years. Most of his time in ministry has been spent at Assumption Parish in South County. He plays worship music there as well as in his own band To the Heights, and has released a few albums (look him up, he’s legit!) Pete recently opened up a guitar shop in St. Charles called Driftwood Music. His hidden talents include, but are not limited to: designing and building guitars, making boring things more exciting (i.e. wearing mismatched toe socks through airport security and making funny faces at the DMV when renewing his license), and silly dancing with his 20 month old daughter, Rita Fay. If Pete could be any Disney princess, he hands down would be Nala. Being a large cat seems like it’d be pretty fun. After all, he’s already been a human. Plus, he wouldn’t look very good in a ball gown.

This is Pete’s 15th year attending the March for Life. He usually either plays music on stage or helps on the production team. He is proudly pro-life because our God is a God of mercy and redemption. By killing the innocent, the guilty, the sick, and the lonely we deny all of the gifts that God is constantly trying to give us. These gifts are powerful and change us and the world for His glory, if we let them!

As you prepare to head back home, Pete encourages everyone to live out loud, knowing God’s infinite love for you! Live your life in such a way that proclaims the Good News of the Gospel. He is calling you to be a light in this world. Don’t deny that!