Nick is a junior at DeSmet Jesuit High School in St. Louis. He attends Ascension Catholic Church in Chesterfield, where he is very involved in the youth ministry program. He is a big fan of playing baseball and spending quality time with his friends. If he could be any Disney princess he would be Ariel, because that means he’d get to be a mermaid (well, technically a merman). That’s appealing to him, because no other princess also gets to be a mermaid!

This is Nick’s third time going on the March and his favorite part, by far, is making it to the top of Capital Hill and then looking back and seeing all the people that stand with the unborn and want to reverse the law that allowed this travesty into America. Nick believes that the most important right for any human person is the right to life. He states that “Life starts at conception, undeniably. Since life starts at conception, abortion should be considered as murder. As harsh as it sounds, that’s what it is. I sympathize with the unfortunate people who have carried out an abortion, the parents who have had an abortion, and the babies that have lost their lives. One third of my generation is missing and there have been more victims to abortion than there was in the holocaust. I want to spread awareness to hopefully end this injustice and give those children what they deserve, the rite to live their lives.”

The Pro-Life opinion is often times not a popular one, but we owe it to the children who are not in this world with us to defend their dignity. Nick offers some advice to help do this: “We can help year-round by praying for the souls of the unborn and defending our pro-life views on abortion. Think of all the people that are not here today because of abortion. We do this for them. We can live the pro-life message by simply dedicating something small to the people lost to abortion, capital punishment, and all other unjust losses of life. We do it for the people we have lost.”