Karl grew up in Rockford, Illinois where he attended Holy Family Parish, but has spent most of his life in St. Louis. By day he is an engineer and a musician, playing mostly at his parish, St. Catherine Laboure, and by night he plays in a few cover bands! He is a big fan of the Cardinals and the Blues. He’s married to Bridget and together they share their home with their two dogs. Each morning Karl enjoys antagonizing his dogs by barking at them from upstairs. If he could be any Disney princess he would definitely be…Justin Bieber.

Karl has lost track of how many times he has attended the March for Life. He has come each year since 2003 (so we figure this is his 18th year, accounting for the one year our trip was canceled)! He believes in respecting and cherishing life, and that prayerfully marching is his way of showing that. He is pro-life because he recognizes that all life is precious and life is so fragile. He has lost some people that he loves and so he never wants to take life for granted.

When asked what advice he would give to teens as they leave D.C. he said: “Learn to connect and engage with people even if you don’t see eye to eye. Find common ground, respect everyone but stand up for what’s right and true. You’ll never regret doing something kind for someone else.”