Jude grew up in Mesa, Arizona and has also lived in Nashville, Austria (south of Germany — no kangaroos here!), Minnesota and now St. Louis. He currently serves the communities at Mary Queen of Peace in Webster Groves and St Margaret Mary Alacoque in Oakville. He makes his career as a music/songwriter, and is lucky as this is also one of his biggest passions and hobbies. Jude also loves to support West Ham United football club from East London, rock climbing and wrestling with his monsterpup, Pai. If he could be any Disney princess he would be Mulan; talk about an independent woman!

This is Jude’s 4th time attending the March for Life. His favorite thing each year is how overwhelming it is to see half a million people in one place, taking a stand for what they believe in. Jude is pro-life because he believes that, as children of God, we are made in His image and likeness. Because of this, every human life has dignity by virtue of its creation – no matter whether one is on death row, detained on the border, inhibited by poor health or age, or still to be born. It is our responsibility as Christians to bear witness to that.

What advice does Jude give to teens to encourage them to live the pro-life message all year round? “Know that being pro-life is a lifestyle. That means standing up for the unborn in your classrooms, in your friend groups and maybe even in your families. It means that when your peers make racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic jokes or statements, be the one to challenge them to be respectful. Trust me, it’s tough. But we are not called to comfort, we are called to greatness.”