Abbey was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She is a junior at Eureka High School and attends Ascension Parish in Chesterfield. Her passions include playing music and all things sports. She has a pretty cool hidden talent: being absolutely crazy on accident. Those that know her know that she’s very good at this! Her Disney princess aspiration is Tiana because she is always surrounded by jazz music…and what could be better than that?! Not to mention she also has a super good looking prince.

This is Abbey’s 3rd time attending the March for Life. Her favorite part is always when the crowd breaks out in spontaneous prayer or song while marching! There’s nothing better than when one person starts singing or praying and slowly everyone around them starts to join in. She say’s it’s an awesome feeling; strangers coming together for the unborn! Why is she pro-life? Simply put, because God died for our sins so that we can have life. Being pro-life is the best way she knows how to express her gratitude for every life in this world. It’s the best way she knows how to preach the Good News!

What advice does Abbey give to encourage teens to live the pro-life message all year round? “Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak the Truth to your friends. Maybe put a pro life sticker on your school laptop. Go to the nearest Planned Parenthood and say some prayers. Spiritual adoption is a great way to pray for the unborn as well! Also, pro-life doesn’t mean just babies, respect every life. Friends, family, and strangers too!!!”