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  1. When Discouragement Sets In

    Being pro-life in today’s society is difficult; every pro-life advocate faces discouragement from time to time.  However, whenever difficulty is expressed, it can always be followed…

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  2. How to Spiritually Prepare for the March for Life

    Here we are again. Generation Life is what we’ve been waiting for and it’s finally here! Are we ready? Of course! Our bags are packed,…

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  3. EWTN Live Stream Coverage

  4. 5 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Get Pumped for Generation Life 2018

    Going on Generation Life is a very powerful experience because you are physically standing up for what you believe in. While on the Generation Life…

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  5. Pro-Life Heroes: St. Maximilian Kolbe

    On August 14, the Catholic Church celebrates the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. He is a pro-life hero and an example of someone who was…

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  6. Service: Being a Witness of Christ

    I work at a local restaurant in my small town in Missouri. I just recently took off a week of work to go on a service…

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  7. Living on a Prayer: The Value of Prayer in a Pro-Life Lifestyle

    When one thinks of being pro-life, you usually thinks of activities: participating in the March for Life, protesting outside abortion clinics, etc. For some, these…

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  8. Being a Pro-Life Feminist

    Because of your race, religion, political affiliation, gender and background, people will develop snap judgments about you. It is often unfortunate, but inevitable in current…

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  9. Pro-Life Heroes: Saint Gianna Molla

    “Whatever God wants.” -Saint Gianna Molla If you haven’t heard Gianna’s story yet, she’s definitely worth learning about. Saint Gianna Molla is one of the…

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  10. Physician-Assisted Suicide Matters for Teens

    Physician-assisted suicide is attacking human dignity.  In a culture that says our value is based upon what we have and what we do, it is…

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