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  1. Saturday Night Keynote: Shari Rigby

    Tonight, we had the privilege of hearing from Shari Rigby, an actress who is perhaps best known for being in the movie October Baby. She…

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  2. March for Life: Love Saves Lives

    Today marks the 44th Pro-Life March in Washington D.C. As we were marching today, we heard the sound of prayers being prayed and sung, along…

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  3. Friday Morning Mass with Archbishop Carlson

    In the high school track, we began our day in prayer by celebrating Mass with Archbishop Carlson. After listening to the readings for the day,…

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  4. Friday Morning Mass with Bishop Rivituso

    This morning, Bishop Rivituso celebrated Mass for the 8th graders to help us prepare to march for life. In the first reading, Samuel talks about…

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  5. Archbishop Carlson’s Homily (1/19/18)

  6. High School Track: Rachel Leininger and Catherine Adair

    After some mingling, spontaneous dancing, and a game of ‘teachers vs. youth ministers’ (which the teachers won, by the way), tonight the high school students…

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  7. 8th Grade Track: Father Brian Fallon and Catherine Adair

    Tonight’s 8th grade track began with a “Family Game Night” hosted by Fr. Fallon. Teachers were pinned against the parents and the teachers came out…

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    Sister Pat Sevcik opened the heavy wooden door, greeting one of her first visitors to the convent. “Welcome,” she said, offering a warm hug and…

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  9. Get Involved: Spiritual Adoption

    So, I’m pro-life and I’ve been on the March for Life several times, but I’m always wondering if there’s something more that I can do…

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  10. #thisiswhywemarch

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