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  1. Pope Francis Offers a Plenary Indulgence

    Good News! His Holiness Pope Francis has granted a plenary indulgence to all those who participate in the March for Life. What is a plenary…

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  2. Are You Ready to Proclaim the Gospel of Life?

    I know how you feel right now. You loaded the bus and you’re ready for the journey ahead. Your soul is clean from the Penitential…

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  3. March For Life- Four Pillars of Generation Life in Action

    Young Catholics Proclaiming the Gospel of Life We are Generation Life. YOU are Generation Life. We represent the St. Louis Archdiocese as “Young Catholics proclaiming…

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  4. March for Life – Pilgrimage or Trip?

    You might have heard this before… The March for Life is a pilgrimage not a trip I remember when I attended my first March for…

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  5. Meet Alfie, the UK Baby Who Doctors Refuse to Treat

    Meet Alfie About a year and a half ago a six-month old baby named Alfie Evans was admitted into a Liverpool, England hospital after suffering…

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  6. Missouri to Execute Russell Bucklew Tonight

    This evening Missouri plans to execute a man named Russell Bucklew. We need to be honest off the top. Bucklew is guilty. He committed heinous…

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  7. Run For Life and Learning


  9. SJA Student Creates Recap Video of Generation Life 2018

    Want to see what Generation Life was like through the lens of one of the participants? Check out this amazing recap video created by one…

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  10. Generation Life March for Life 2018 Summary Video

    This is our summary video of the March for Life by Generation Life 2018