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  1. Pro-Life Profile: Jude

    Jude grew up in Mesa, Arizona and has also lived in Nashville, Austria (south of Germany — no kangaroos here!), Minnesota and now St. Louis.…

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  2. Generation Life 2020 Summary Video

  3. Friday Night Keynote: Stephanie Gray

    Our keynote speaker tonight, Stephanie Gray has given over 900 pro-life talks throughout the world, and after having heard her speak tonight, it’s easy to…

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  4. Teen Witnesses: Joe and Kimora

    Tonight in the 8th grade room, two high school students gave powerful personal testimonies. Joe Hogan from Immaculate Conception of Dardenne attends St. Dominic High…

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  5. Pro-Life Profile: Father Patrick Russell

    Father Patrick Russell grew up in Florissant, MO and graduated from Duchesne High School in 2010. After graduation, he entered Kenrick-Glennon Seminary and was ordained…

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  6. Images from Mass this Morning (via our Instagram feed)

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  7. Thoughts From a Parent Back Home

    Today, my firstborn, beautiful daughter is attending the March for Life in Washington DC where she gets the opportunity to take take a stand for…

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  8. Pro-Life Profile: Karl Zimmerman

    Karl grew up in Rockford, Illinois where he attended Holy Family Parish, but has spent most of his life in St. Louis. By day he…

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  9. What We Heard From Our President

    Today, for the first time ever, a President of the United States spoke in person at the March for Life Rally. Here are some excerpts…

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  10. March for Life 2020

    As I spent some quiet time with Jesus this morning, I was surprised when my thoughts turned suddenly to the memory of how the first…

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