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  1. Seven Things You Should Know About Homelessness

    Homelessness. It’s a problem many of us try to pretend isn’t there. Maybe you’ve seen men and women standing at busy intersections with a cardboard…

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  2. Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth

    For many, saying that they are pro-life can lose its meaning over time.  It becomes less of a passion and more of an idle label;…

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  3. 4 Things to Know about the Whole Woman’s Health Verdict

    On June 27, 2016, the Supreme Court announced its decision in a case called Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, arguably one of the most important…

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  4. What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Euthanasia?

    Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are increasingly being considered as acceptable choices to end one’s life. Cases such as Brittney Maynard have put a public face…

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  5. Euthanasia Woman

    Dutch Doctors Euthanize Sex Abuse Victim

    Doctors in the Netherlands performed euthanasia on a young woman who was a former victim of sexual abuse. At the time of her death, the…

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  6. Earl Forrest Scheduled to be Executed Next Week in MO

    Who Is Earl Forrest? On May 11, 2016, Missouri is set to execute Earl Forrest for the murders of Harriett Smith, Michael Wells, and Deputy…

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  7. Execution

    What Does the Catholic Church Teach About the Death Penalty?

    What Does the Church Teach about the Death Penalty? The Church’s teaching on the death penalty focuses on the truth that human life is sacred because every…

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  8. What Does Earth Day Have To Do With Generation Life?

    Earth Day and the Catholic Church It’s Earth Day! Care for the environment isn’t a new concept for the Catholic Church. In fact, we’ve been…

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  9. 3 Pro-Life Tips For Dealing With Opposing Views

    Being Pro Life is not an easy mission. Being Pro life doesn’t just mean a label of what your heart is called to be. It’s…

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  10. Generation Life in STL – Recap Video

    Special thanks to Mark Stevison from Mary, Mother of the Church parish for putting together this awesome recap video of the Generation Life event in January. Show…

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