Today marks the 44th Pro-Life March in Washington D.C.

As we were marching today, we heard the sound of prayers being prayed and sung, along with chants being shouted between strangers – and it was amazing to behold. It was awesome to see our Generation Life group coming together with other like-minded individuals working towards a common goal: to END abortion. There is such a power in knowing that so many people are marching and praying at the same time as you. Turning around at the top of the Capitol Hill to see hundreds of thousands of people, from babies to older folks, from everywhere in the U.S. and even beyond, marching behind you was incredibly moving. It was evident that the streets of Washington D.C. were filled with joy and hope today. What a blessing it was to be reminded that we are not alone in this fight to end abortion. By proclaiming the Gospel with our lives, peoples’ hearts in our nation have the ability to change from a culture of death to a culture that is for all life.

Below are quotes from teens as to why they chose to march today:

“I march because life is #awesome and God created all of us in His divine image and it should be protected.” – Nick Koester, St. Alban Roe

“I march for those who cannot march for themselves.” – Jack Hood, St. Elizabeth St. Robert

“I march to stand up for what we love and not to fight what we hate.” – Andrew Kelpe, Ascension

“We march because we think it is important to be a part of a movement like this because it is what is right and true.” – Megan Shipley and Ingrid Bader, St. Clement

“I march because I am a devout Catholic and love Christ… and I mean that wholeheartedly.” Nolan Shannon, St. Elizabeth St. Robert