Be persistent and make a difference!

2,400 Generation Life teens were sent off this morning with this message from Archbishop Carlson: Be persistent and make a difference! Walking the streets of D.C, it was clear that this is exactly what was happening.  People of all ages showed up to bring awareness to the pro-life cause. 

Men, women, priests, religious, children, adults, believers and non-believers. There were so many faces present this afternoon, all of whom were standing up to fight for the right to life. The sense of pride and support that was felt among this vastly different group of people was truly an experience. The prayers, chants, and songs that were heard along the way showed how strong we can be when we come together. But for me, the most powerful witness came without any words at all. It came from the signs.

As we marched, reading the signs became an inspirational reminder not only of the people carrying them, but of the people we were fighting for. A reminder of the “why” behind the march. Not because we are right and they are wrong, but because of the dignity and worth all people have. The dignity and worth that is so very dear and worth defending.

Be persistent. Together we are the pro-life generation and we can make a difference.

The Gospel of Life through signs:

“Because abortion stops one heart and breaks another.”

“Speak for the weak.”

“Smile! Your mom chose life!”

“BE STRONG! I am with you always.”

“I will be their voice.”