In preparation for today’s March for Life, we gathered for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Drawing on the words of Scripture and the grace of the Sacrament, we go forth now to proclaim life to the world.

Archbishop Rozanski’s message was a reminder that this March for Life both tells of our love for life, and serves as a witness to what life truly is. In the same way that the 12 Apostles drew near to Jesus and learned from Him, we too draw close and come to know His mission of salvation. “Entrusted with the words, ministry, and mission,” we proclaim that, “life is precious, and life is eternal in God.”

Our presence here is evidence that the message has spoken to our hearts. It stirred within us, prompting us to make this pilgrimage. In doing so, we have become bearers of the good news: “Life is God’s gift to us as human beings. Each one of us is precious. As we are formed in the womb, from the moment we are conceived, God knows who we are.”

May the Lord bless the witness we offer today, and may it change hearts.

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