After spending months preparing to come to D.C, we finally had a chance to get out on the streets of D.C.  The afternoon began with a historic rally before continuing to the march.  Throughout the day, hope was evident and joy was contagious.

The Rally

The Rally before the March was a chance to remind ourselves why we March.  The area around the Washington Monument was filled with songs of praise as thousands filed into the rally.  The whole area was bursting with a sound of profound joy.  It opened with an historic, talk from the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence.  He is the first Vice President to ever speak at the March for Life.  His speech was deeply encouraging to many as he made a commitment to fighting for life both in public life and personally.  Several other speakers took turns speaking briefly, including a prayer led by Cardinal Dolan.

The message carried throughout the rally was one of love.  Many different speakers discussed our responsibility to love those who are on opposing sides of issues.  The rally was not filled with despair or anger.  Instead, it left those attending smiling and ready to joyfully march on Washington.  We were there to stand up for the beauty of life, not to pick a fight.

Marching for Life

After being reminded why we were there, Generation Life had the chance to go on the March itself.  It was a beautiful, peaceful protest.  Watching hundreds of thousands of people assemble as one voice of peaceful opposition is incredibly moving.  There were very few protesters.  As we walked down the streets, people filled them with joy.  You could hear everything from groups singing “Hallelujah” to chanting “We love babies, yes we do!” to praying the Hail Mary.  We are so blessed to live in a nation that protects our freedom of speech so that a display like this is not only allowed but protected by the police that were around every corner.

Today was a beautiful reminder that we aren’t alone in this fight for a culture of life.  We stand together.  We stand for life.