Sharing the beautiful, faithful story of surviving the Rwandan Genocide, Immaculee Ilbagiza inspired and challenged the heart of our commitment to the Pro-Life cause. Reminding everyone of the simple truth that anything is possible with God, we were asked to reflect on our own faith. Her story is one of smart people failing to love and protect each other in horrible ways. It is also a story of her personal journey of choosing forgiveness, belief, and hope.

Each of us has a responsibility to protect life. Any individual, with God, can make an impact. The key is prayer. Even when it feels like a losing fight, there is hope for those who believe in God.

Immaculee’s story calls us to understand that, “to protect life is to love.” Her story invites us to ask:

  • Where in my heart am I failing to protect life?
  • Am I keeping my promises?
  • Am I treating people well?
  • Do I care for those around me?

When you are faced with options, and you don’t know what to choose, choose love. That is the Pro-Life mission.

In order to live in peace – to live in a world that values life – we have to have love, forgiveness, and belief in God. Forgiveness is freedom. Believing that God is real is powerful. When we stay close to Him, we are able to choose love. That is how the world begins to change.

“We can choose love or hate. We can build and defend life or destroy.” If we choose love, God’s will is with us.

  • How can I love people?
  • How can I use my time for good?

We protect life one day – one choice – at a time. “The only power we have is right now, in this moment, to choose God and do our part.”

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