Does abortion simply discard of a clump of cells? Think again.

Every abortion ends a person’s life. It is a person full of potential. It is a person who would be someone’s friend, someone’s teammate, someone’s spouse. Below are three individuals who were almost lost due to abortion. Listen to the stories of these abortion survivors in their own words.

Are they just a clump of cells?

David’s Story

David is a 17-year-old man whose mother was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend when she got pregnant by another man. His mom went to an abortion facility, but she was told that she was too far along for an abortion. His mom tried to cause a miscarriage by drinking and taking drugs. Amazingly, David was born completely healthy. He was adopted and raised by his grandmother. Listen to his story:

Hope’s Story

Hope has a scar on her forehead where the abortionist hit her with the abortion instrument. In addition to the scar, the attempted abortion left her with cerebral palsy. After the failed abortion, Hope was placed for adoption. When she got older, Hope got in contact with her birth mother and offered words of forgiveness for her birth mother. Listen to her story:

Mei’s Story

Mei was almost aborted as a result of the One-Child Policy in China. When the government found out her mother was pregnant, they forced her to take strong poisonous herbs to cause an abortion not just once, but twice. When Mei’s mother was 7 months pregnant, the government attempted another abortion. Mei survived and was born alive. Although she was sick when she was born, Mei is now a healthy young woman and mother to two children of her own.