Participating in the March for Life is more than just taking a walk with thousands of your closest friends: we are here in our nation’s capital to let the country know that abortion is wrong. With that in mind, here are three tips to help you march like a pro-lifer.

1. Be a Pro-Life Witness

The whole point of the Generation Life pilgrimage is to be a pro-life witness. We are in Washington, D.C. to show that there are hundreds of thousands of us who believe that all life matters and that abortion needs to end. You are also representing others from your school and your parish who wanted to come but couldn’t be here. Stay focused on the purpose of the March for Life.

2. Be Peaceful, Prayer, and Positive

We are united with people from across our country for a specific purpose: to protest the killing of unborn children. However, it is distinct from other protests because we act out of our prayerful conviction that all human life is sacred. Thus, our actions and demeanor should be peaceful and positive. This is not the time to goof around or be crass. Let’s keep a bold, yet prayerful attitude.

3. Be Prepared

First, pay attention to your group leader’s directions and stay with your group. Be respectful of your chaperons and your peers by following instructions; don’t make them come looking for you because you were goofing off.

Second, you may see counter-protesters, especially near the Supreme Court. Don’t try to argue with them or shout back at them. Be respectful and bring Jesus’ mercy to that moment.

Third, you may also see some troubling images of abortions. The fact is that abortion is violent and not a nice thing to see. There is a group that displays these images. We do not support spreading the pro-life message this way, but it will be there. There are normally signs warning of graphic images ahead. Look away if you need to.

With these tips, let’s go on the March for Life and make our voices heard!