If you have clicked on this article, I want to congratulate you on being a part of Generation Life and for wanting to do pro-life work! If you have never heard of Generation Life (commonly known as GenLife), let me be the one to enlighten you. It is your and my generation of young people who are pro-life and vocal about it. You are one of millions of young people who are taking a stand for life from conception until natural death.

Being pro-life and a part of Generation Life can be difficult in today’s society, especially in high school and college when there is so much change going on around you and peer pressure coming at you from what seems to be every side. However, when you feel like you are the only one who believes abortion, euthanasia, and the like are wrong, keep in mind that there are millions just like you!

1. Go on the March for Life.

Whenever asked about how to get involved in pro-life work, my first answer is this: GO ON THE PRO-LIFE MARCH. I cannot stress how it completely altered my life. This would have been my fourth year going, had the snow not cancelled our trip this past January. My first year going, I’ll admit, I went mostly because my friends were; I had just transferred schools and all of my friends were talking about it.

The first night, my group leader told us that the evening program was a bunch of speakers; I cringed. “That will be so boring,” I thought. I was wrong, dead wrong. I have not heard a speaker during the March whose story has not stuck with me. One in particular will stick with me forever: a woman walked onto the stage and told us about her life. Several years ago, she told us, she was young, successful, independent, dating a wonderful guy, and…pregnant.

“Abortion was my only option.”

She tried aborting her baby because she knew that child would mess up her plans to climb the corporate ladder, her reputation would be ruined, and her boyfriend would leave her.

“The abortion failed.”

The baby lived. As she spoke, a teenage girl about my age at the time walked onto the stage.

“This is my baby now.”

She then continued to speak of her daughter’s achievements and the joy she has brought her. The girl was about my age; that could have been me.

That woman’s story hit me like a load of bricks, and I have not turned back. After hearing the speakers’ testimonies, taking part in the phenomenal adoration, listening to the amazing band play, walking in the March with over 500,000 other pro-lifers, and growing closer with my peers, I made a decision to always be involved in the pro-life ministry. If you enjoy the Jesus High after a retreat, prepare yourself for the ultimate Jesus High after the Pro-Life March.

(If you cannot go on that, in several cities such as St. Louis and Chicago, there are smaller marches to support the one in Washington D.C.).

2. Join a Pro-Life or Respect Life Club

Ever since my first pro-life march in Washington, D.C., I have made it a point to join any and every pro-life group I can find. The more I learn about pro-life issues, the more excited I become. If there is not a pro-life club at your high school, you can start one!

In addition to being given opportunities to do pro-life work, joining a club can open you up to new friends, connections for jobs and future internships, new volunteer sites (see #3), and new information.

3. Volunteer

Field work is one of the most moving experiences. Getting to work with affected people makes everything fall into perspective. Since my sophomore year of high school, I have volunteered at different pro-life institutes. My favorite is Our Lady’s Inn, a women’s shelter here in St. Louis. Not only are the women kind and welcoming, but their kids are absolutely adorable. I also recommend offering your services at a baby clothing/food/item drive, other local women/pregnancy shelters, or even at a hospital!

4. Read GenLifeSTL 365!

Read more! GenLifeSTL 365 has plenty of amazing blog articles.  Learning more about God, His plans for you, and how He wants you to live pro-life in every aspect of your life makes living in this tricky world a little easier. The more you read, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the more able you are to live a truly pro-life life!

Warning: It is very likely once you start doing pro-life work that you will never want to stop!