For those living in St. Louis, working as a Respect Life Intern is a fantastic way to serve the pro-life movement.  It is a practical way to serve a movement that is working to promote the dignity of all life.

Summer Growth

Serving as an intern with the Respect Life Apostolate this summer gave me the chance to add meaning to my summer.  Twice a week, I spent the day in an office working for a non-profit with a cause I was passionate about.  It gave me the chance to grow in so many ways.

Professional Growth

Working as an intern in a professional setting helped me to develop skills that will be important for the rest of my life.  It is an opportunity to take responsibility for your own work.  You often have hours to simply accomplish whatever you are able to get done that day.  It requires self-motivation and time-management which is important in any field.

Spiritual Growth

Working for a Catholic non-profit is a unique experience. It provides not only for the mind, but the soul as well.  With Mass offered every day at 11:45, it becomes much easier to build faith into your summer.  Beyond that, working in a building with people who share your faith is empowering.  There is more opportunity to discuss faith and how to put it into action.  This is invaluable.

Educational Growth

Before serving as an intern, I knew I was pro-life. However, I did not have a great idea of what that really meant.  Working as a Respect Life intern, I was able to see what it really takes to promote the life and dignity of every person.  Behind awesome events such as the March for Life is a small army.  They do paperwork, answer phone calls, mail out envelopes of information, and more.

As interns, we visited many different pro-life organizations in the area.  We had the opportunity to see the many different ways that the pro-life mission is accomplished locally.  We did everything from visiting pregnancy resource centers such as Our Lady’s Inn to seeing how pro-life policy is made in Jefferson City.  Being pro-life goes so far beyond posting something to Facebook or going on the pro-life march.  There are countless organizations on the front-line of this battle.  They work every day, serving a specific purpose, to promote the idea that every human life matters.  As an intern, you get a first-hand look at that.

Become a Respect Life Intern

If you have any interest in serving the Church by fighting for every human life, prayerfully consider applying to be an intern this summer with the Respect Life Apostolate.  You can learn more and apply by clicking here. It is a rewarding experience that challenges you to grow in many ways while serving the most vulnerable in our midst.