Just a Clump of Cells?

Does abortion simply discard of a clump of cells? Think again. Every abortion ends a person’s life. It is a person full of potential. It is a person who would…

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A Story Untold

Every now and then a song jumps out at you because it expresses exactly what you’re thinking and feeling but can’t quite put into words yourself. Matthew West’s song Untold…

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Official 2016 March for Life Promo Video

Will You Be There? The March for Life is January 22, 2016 in Washington, D.C. Join pro-lifers from across America as we celebrate and promote life!

Youth on Fire for Life

Congratulations to students from St. Francis Borgia High School who were the winners of the 2015 Pro-Life Video Challenge on October 25! The winning video was created by Emma Fogarty,…

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The Awesomest “Pro-Choice” Defense of Planned Parenthood…Ever

We’re just helping deliver fetal tissue for scientific research – research that can cure a disease. And it’s perfectly legal. This reasoning has been given by Planned Parenthood to justify…

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