The Paralytic man and his four friends

In the Eighth grade room, Fr. Fallon celebrated Mass. We listened to the Gospel about the paralytic and his friends. In this Gospel from St. Mark, the four men that took their paralyzed friend to see Jesus, are only referred to as “they”. But their role was so important.  They wanted to bring their friend to see Jesus and nothing could stop them.  Jesus was surrounded by crowds so they lowered their friend down from the roof.

This morning, Fr. Fallon raised the following questions: “Would you also go to great lengths to bring your friends to Jesus? Isn’t that why you are here?” We are here on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade to bring the Gospel of Life to those people who are carrying the cross of not knowing what to do with their child’s life. Our mission today, and every day after, is to bring them to Jesus. They are defenseless and helpless, and we are the people with the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace from Jesus. We  need to tear down the obstacles in their way to be a witness to unborn children’s lives.

The men that took their paralyzed friend to see Jesus weren’t looking for recognition, or a pat on the back. They did it because they loved their friend. Fr. Fallon challenged us to think about who the “they” are in our lives. Who are the people in your life who need you to bring them to Jesus? What are their names? As we work to bring people to Jesus today, don’t let this be the last time. There will be obstacles on the journey, but you will ultimately find fulfillment in bringing people to Jesus.