This is Archbishop Carlson’s 14th March for Life.

When I saw him early this morning, I went up to shake his hand, and he quickly withdrew, because he has a cold. Even though he is really not feeling well, that did not stop him from joining us here to stand up for life.

In his homily, he reminded us that each abortion is more than just a number; it’s a tiny baby. And while we know that the media doesn’t care, and culture doesn’t care, it makes huge difference when one person cares.

He encouraged all of us in attendance by saying: “This year the President will be here, but it’s more important that you’re here.”

Archbishop Carlson called us all to have a personal relationship with Jesus who desires to have a relationship with each one of us. This is essential, so that we can hear the gentle whisperings of the Holy Spirit. He called us to read and study the Bible, so that we can experience its transformative power. He reminded us that we need to share the love of Jesus with anyone who is struggling.

As we get ready to March this afternoon, and as we continue to live our lives for the Lord, we should never forget these words from our Archbishop:

“The Lord Jesus Christ will be walking with you. He desires to have relationship with you.”