Before our keynote speaker took the stage tonight, hosts Sr. Karolyn and Fr. Fallon took a few minutes to talk about their experience marching today. For Sr. Karolyn, it was day of encounter. For Fr. Fallon, it was a day of laughter, which served as a reminder that, “The Gospel of Life means that we’re filled with joy and gladness.”

That same joy was visible as Pat Castle shared his mission of “Living Pro-Life with Heroic Virtue.” This mission is most obvious in the work he does with Life Runners.

With energy and enthusiasm Pat recalled for us the truth that life is given to us by God. He unpacked the lies the world tells us in an effort to make abortion palatable.

  • It’s not a baby; it’s just tissue.
  • This is about women having a choice.
  • Abortion is reproductive healthcare.
  • Abortion is normal.

We know that these statements are neither true nor just. Instead of believing them, we look to Christ as our justice. “He set the scales.” Now, He turns to His followers and asks us to go forth and build the Kingdom. This includes championing the Pro-Life message.

In order to live Pro-Life activism, Pat encouraged us to call upon the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will us help us. He will fill us with power to proclaim the truth of life, to extend a healing hand, and to end abortion.

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