This morning at the Mass for the 8th graders, Fr. Fallon gave a homily about the importance of both faith and love in attending the March for Life.

Preparing to March

Fr. Fallon spent some time explaining different things that we can do during the March. It is important to be yourself during the march. He stressed that whether you are singing, chanting, or praying, do what you need to do to be truly present in the moment. As Father stressed, one of the best parts of the March for Life is seeing just how many of our brothers and sisters are marching with us.

Gift of Love

Starting the day off with Mass gave us the strength that we needed to bring the love of Christ to those who are there, especially to any protesters that may be standing in opposition to the March. Just as we discussed last night, we cannot give what we do not have. Without God’s love, we would not have anything to give at the march.

Although it can be easy to feel hopeless when we look at the toll of abortion on our nation, the march is an opportunity to be encouraged in this fight for life. Just as faith the size of a mustard seed can change everything, each one of us begins to sow hope. We are not alone.