Earth Day and the Catholic Church

It’s Earth Day! Care for the environment isn’t a new concept for the Catholic Church. In fact, we’ve been talking about it for centuries.

As Catholics, we’re called to think about Earth Day in it’s fullest sense; we’re called to think about how creation and it’s care fits into God’s plan for the world, how it effects the poor and vulnerable, and how it fits in with His plan for you and I.

Care for the environment is about stewardship of the wonderful gifts God gives us. It’s about a consistent life ethic that should challenge each and every one of us. Without this consistency, all of our pro-life efforts may begin to seem hypocritical or incomplete! We must care for all of God’s creation- the unborn, the poor and weak, and even the earth.

What Have the Popes Said?

Each of our last 3 popes have great things to say about the environment. The quotes below should challenge each of us to live this consistent life ethic every day!

John Paul II

“Respect for creation stems from respect for human life and dignity…Christians and all other believers have a specific role to play in proclaiming moral values and in educating people in ecological awareness, which is none other than responsibility towards self, towards others, towards creation.”- John Paul II and Patriarch Bartholomew


Pope Benedict

“We are all responsible for the protection and care of the environment. This responsibility knows no boundaries.” -Pope Benedict XVI

Taken from Pope Benedict XVI’s message for World Day of Peace

Laudato Si – Pope Francis

“The deterioration of the environment and of society affects the most vulnerable people on the planet: ‘Both everyday experience and scientific research show that the gravest effects of all attacks on the environment are suffered by the poorest’” (#48). – Pope Francis

Taken from LAUDATO SI


As members of Generation Life, we strive to be a voice for the vulnerable. This includes the unborn, but also much more. Are we aware of the needs of those who don’t live in the abundance in which we live? Do we live in solidarity with those who have less or do we live in ignorance of their struggles? Do we realize how our needless consumption of resources effect them? If we want to play a part in combating poverty and protecting the vulnerable, we can easily begin by being aware of our own consumption habits.