Archbishop Robert J. Carlson celebrated Mass for the high school track this morning before our pilgrims headed to participate in the March for Life. In his homily, he called on the teens to be a force of one. Today we are going to make a difference and let everyone know that we are determined to make this a nation of life. We are here to share one message and that message is life.

Archbishop Carlson asked the teens to consider the treachery of Judas and to consider the sacrifice of Jesus. One person did great harm while another person did great good. We have a similar situation when we think about abortion. In 1973, legal protection for those waiting to be born was removed by the Supreme Court. Since then millions of vulnerable infants have been killed by abortion. There should be another 1500 more teens here to witness, but they were killed before they were born. We are here to make sure it becomes illegal.

He then noted that things were not totally rosy back home in St. Louis, with Board Bill 203 being considered by the Board of Aldermen. The Board Bill would make St. Louis an abortion sanctuary. He encouraged the teens to go home and ask their parents to contact their alderperson.

Archbishop Carlson told the teens that they are a force of one. Generation Life will change things. They will protect the unborn. If our words and actions are formed by Christ, then we will be able to be an apostle of life. He prayed that all would have the courage to proclaim the Good News no matter what the cost. We must pray also for healing for those wounded by abortion. He concluded by asking everyone to pray that every one will become pro-life and pro-family and that we may never give up.