Because of your race, religion, political affiliation, gender and background, people will develop snap judgments about you. It is often unfortunate, but inevitable in current society. Such assumptions about your character will place you into a box that is so difficult to break down. When we allow these boxes to define us so particularly, a great separation between people will occur. There will be an ‘us’ and a ‘them,’ on many levels of class, race, and political polarization. There is a misleading comfort or feeling of safety when we only live inside our designated boxes, when we allow others to define us instead of taking control of our own lives, opinions, and decisions.

I called myself feminist before I called myself pro-life. There was a time when I allowed people to tell me how to think, how to feel, and how to speak my mind. I was feminist because of my belief in creating equality between genders, on every economic, political, and social level. I was not pro-life because I thought anti-abortion meant I did not value women.

Certain people convinced me that I was anti-woman if I was not pro-choice and I allowed it because they were smarter, older, and knew how to spin words to create guilt and shame. Soon enough, I developed a curiosity to actually research abortion and its lackluster tendencies of creating more problems than it solves. After that, abortion no longer appeared as a good option that valued a woman, as I had been told, but it only crippled women, not solving their economic disparities or psychological trauma and only expanding their suffering.

When I allowed people to tell me how should feel about an issue, it was like four walls had appeared around me, stopping me from looking at any other contrasting opinion. I cannot count how many times someone has said that feminist ideals and pro-life opinions clash, that you are one but not the other. It is like saying you must either choose women or an unborn child, because choosing both is simply not possible. This ‘pick your poison’ situation will not restore our nation, but cripple it further. There is so much passion and dedication for the common good in feminist and pro-life people. It is time to shed the boxes that separate us and recognize the value of a curious, questioning mind and unite together to create equal opportunity for every women, man, and child.

Taboo Words: Abortion and Feminism

The presidential race is a huge topic on radio shows, television networks, household conversation, and in active voters’ thoughts. Though legalized in 1973 from the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, abortion is still a widely debated topic. Abortion affects every class, race, gender, and background.  States continue to pass laws to expand or decrease access to abortion. To some, abortion is murder. To another, it is a woman’s choice. Abortion and feminism are such buzzwords, people avoid talking about it. However, true gender equality and ending abortion will never be achieved without polite, honest conversation. Address abortion firmly but intelligently. Conversation between people of differing opinions is the only way to change the mindset of the nation.

Collaboration Will Curb Violence Against Women

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 1 in 5 women reported experiencing rape at some time in their life. Rape is disturbing, but it exists. We must talk about rape, about prevention and healing. Rather than use abortion as a superficial solution to gloss over the real problem of psychological distress, feminists and pro-life advocates must support the victims. A breakdown of the opposition created between feminists and pro-life advocates is necessary. Unity and mutual understanding of violence, specifically sexually and domestic, and its effects is something pro-life and feminists lack.

Why Are Feminist Ideologies and Pro-Life Views Considered Opposite?

The most popular pro-choice argument is that it is a woman’s right to choose whether to kill the fetus or not, because her body carries the child. Some say if you do not support abortion, you are anti-women. If you are not pro-women by their terms and conditions, you cannot be a feminist. You are one or the other, but never both. This logic creates the separation that ruins any chance of harmony, mutual understanding or compromise.

How Do Feminist Ideologies and Pro-Life Views Match?

Feminism is the movement to create gender equality on all political, economic, social, and personal levels. Today, feminism in the U.S. focuses on the wage gap, minorities, and gender inequality.

It is wrong to say a feminist must be pro-choice. Abortion is often a quick fix to avoid addressing a deeper problem, such as economic disparity or psychological trauma. Anti-abortion advocates recognize that a corrupt society creates these problems. Abortion is not a solution and will only create more pain for women. Feminism exists to create equal opportunity for every gender. Anti-abortion advocates oppose abortion to create opportunity for life and to aid any woman to have economic stability, medical treatment, etc. Pro-life feminism is not a contradiction, it is a fantastic union.


Organizations such as Feminists for Life offer information, opportunities, and places for help. This organization promises to eradicate the causes of abortion so that women no longer feel the need to have one. The Susan B. Anthony List exists to enact laws to protect the unborn. Remember: You are not alone, women across the nation are pro-life and feminist. Ending abortion and establishing equal opportunity for women is achievable.

Never Lose Hope

When you express an opinion about any political or social dilemma, it is nearly guaranteed people will create snap judgment opinions about you. When you proclaim your Catholic beliefs, people will judge you, underestimate you, and dismiss you. Never be afraid to proclaim your beliefs. Never stop trying to change minds and public opinion about abortion. Never stop striving for equal opportunity for women and men.