Fr. Brian Fallon welcomed the nearly 1,100 youth participants to the Generation Life in St. Louis event with praise and worship music by Carrie Bazjath.

A St. Louis Pro-Life Witness

Fr. Fallon pointed out: “It is just as important for us to witness in our hometown as to how important life is in all its forms – the true beauty that God gives to the human person.” Although we are all disappointed to not be in DC, joining with other pilgrims in a public witness to the importance of life, gathering here at the Cathedral today and engaging in the public prayer witness in our city, we are able to focus on what truly matters about the Generation Life pilgrimage. It’s not the bus ride or the sight seeing or spending time with friends; it is about showing that all human life is sacred.

Fr. Fallon shared the story of his sophomore year travelling to the March for Life and having an argument with his mom over whether or not he needed to pack his boots. That experience made him realize that being pro-life is about bringing his truth and his life into the world.

So What Do We Do?

Fr. Fallon said that if Generation Life is going to be a movement, how are you going to live out the respect and dignity for all human life? How do we give life to others? How do we love people who want to enter our community?

As Christ laid down his life for us, it’s also going to cost us everything. Even though we’re afraid, we are willing to lay it all down. Bring this back into your parish, your school, your faith communities to promote the dignity of human life.

If it’s going to be something that affects our community, get online to and share ideas with others. Don’t let this end today; live it now so that others may find life through your efforts!