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Physician-Assisted Suicide Matters for Teens

Physician-assisted suicide is attacking human dignity.  In a culture that says our value is based upon what we have and what we do, it is important to take a stand…

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Get Involved: Be a Respect Life Intern

For those living in St. Louis, working as a Respect Life Intern is a fantastic way to serve the pro-life movement.  It is a practical way to serve a movement…

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8th Grade Track: How to Help a Friend

As a pro-life generation, we are called to be pro-all life.  Tonight, Paul Masek and Rachel Leininger focused on how we can support the lives of our friends.  We often…

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The March: Display of Joy

After spending months preparing to come to D.C, we finally had a chance to get out on the streets of D.C.  The afternoon began with a historic rally before continuing…

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Fr. Fallon’s Homily: Faith and Love

This morning at the Mass for the 8th graders, Fr. Fallon gave a homily about the importance of both faith and love in attending the March for Life.

8th Grade Track: Showing God’s Mercy

On the first night of Generation Life, the 8th graders attended their own session.  It was led by REAP Team staff members, Paul Masek and Rachel Leininger, with guest speaker…

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Pro-Life Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving upon us, it is a perfect time to count our blessings. When we see so much that our world needs to change, it can be difficult sometimes to…

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How To Stay Friends During Election Season

The 2016 election year is upon us, and the odds are you have found yourself talking about it with friends. If that’s the case, it can begin to feel a lot…

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Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth

For many, saying that they are pro-life can lose its meaning over time.  It becomes less of a passion and more of an idle label; we forget what it truly…

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