Archbishop Robert J. Carlson addressed the 1,000+ youth gathered at the Cathedral this afternoon with an inspirational message to unite to defend all life and to be faithful witnesses. He called on the youth to truly be Generation Life, united in prayer and action to bring an end to abortion.

Are We United?

Archbishop Carlson first offered the youth one question: “Are we united in a common cause to end abortion?” The church resoundingly echoed: “Yes!”

He pointed out that we are united because we acknowledge the small fingers, the unique DNA of every child in the womb that was made in the image and likeness of God.

Archbishop Carlson shared the story of praying the Rosary outside Planned Parenthood one Saturday. He saw a young couple escorted into the Planned Parenthood. He was touched by something in this encounter and it is an experience he cannot forget. We must remember there are thousands and thousands of people who have had to make the same decision.

He encouraged our youth to go out the doors of the church to share the message with everyone so that everyone may hear it.

Were You Shocked?

Archbishop Carlson asked each person present to ask themselves if they were shocked when we learned last summer that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts. Did it make you angry?

We must reject the notion that all life issues are the same or that they are all equal. This notion is relativism – the idea that each person can decide for themselves what is of greatest importance. We must always remember that we cannot treat people with anything less than the reverence and tenderness with which God intends.

If we are witnesses, we can help others choose life and it’s not just enough to pray. In the Archdiocese of St. Louis, we have the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Fund to offer material assistance to families in crisis pregnancies.