Archbishop Carlson Reflects on Generation Life in St. Louis Review

Do you think you’re not old enough to be in the fight to end abortion?? The shepherd of our Archdiocese doesn’t think so! In his column in the St. Louis Review this weekend, Archbishop Carlson reflects on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision and the March for Life in Washington, D.C. It is remarkable that he spends the first half of the column holding up Generation Life as the leaders of this pro-life crusade. He encourages the older generation to pray for us and to follow our lead!

Read the words of Archbishop Carlson:

It seems that the Lord has anointed the younger generation to lead us on this quest. And we can see how they are doing and will do great things…

Younger brothers and sisters, we pray that you will always remain men and women after the Lord’s own heart!

How Are You Leading the Charge?

As you get ready to leave for Washington, D.C., take a few moments to read the words of Archbishop Carlson and realize that you are leading this charge to end abortion in our country!